Annyeo! It's time for me to update about my lovely variety show-Running Man!
They have already reached 138 episodes, daebak! 

Congrats for the team for the hard work! So this time, the theme is Running man school 2013. Based on the top rated television Kdrama; School 2013 with Kim Woo Bin and Jong Suk as the main actors. 

Merong athlete club! haha

It's a fight between two great school clubs; Athlete Team VS Acting Team. 
Jong Kok as a captain in Athlete Team with the other five except Jae Suk. 
Jae Suk and Kim Soo Roo with another 4 kids in Acting Club. They need to win the games and get the yellow flag and at the end need to raise the flag into the club flag pole. 

1st challenge
2 vs 2 tearing name tag.
Who's butt it is?? Buyaa?!

Luckily, they got fearless Ace JiHyo. Athlete club won by JiHyo tore off almost all the name tag even game devil Soo Ro killed by her. Daebak!! No kidding.

2nd challenge
Beat the opponents with the game's chose
Whistle-ommo JongHyun again.

Seriously, JongHyun really funny ..he's clumsy.

3rd challenge
Water battle; push other, the remaining-won
Game devil got all kill-strike!

Final-Rise the flag represent the club
Acting club won! Suffer a lot! Haha

The funniest moment in this episode was when Haha and Kwang Soo stupidly rise the flag on other club flagpole and when noticed by JongHyun, he suddenly jumps off to snatch the flag. haha, he should just leave it instead of struggling and fight. Such a clumsy boy. So funny! He's a handsome dumbfounded! Haha.. JongHyun ahhh...
The way Woo Bin got swing by JongKok also damned funny!! Woo Bin ahh..

Watch the episode here;
Never ending revenge! Kwang Soo ahhh


I never stick to school 2013 before, sigh..regret now. Kim Woo Bin yepputa! 
He's so handsome. He got all other people might not. The figure also perfect. No wonder la. He's a supermodel. Ok, now I can't help myself from looking school 2013 DVD. haha! 

Uri oppa also jeongmal yepputa!!! haha...sorry b..

p/s: all the gifs, not mine. I'm still learning how to make one. Sigh, complicated.

Sorry for the manglish, grammatical error and 'penggunaan bahasa yg teruk'.
TQ for reading and please leave your comment!


Nurul Aini said...

hahaha...dah tengok..Jonghyun comel..tapi kesian betul lah dengan dia..lemah sangat..Yonghwa gagah sikit..hehe.

Za Leena said...

Jonghyun sbnrnye lg kuat dr yonghwa , ssince die mmg ade judo. Tp sbb die clumsy n x sebijak yonghwa la die nmpk weak...haha..tp kelebihan die gak tu..natural je. Sonok tgk die melompat terkam flag yg haha gantung tu..pdhal mmg flagpole group die dah..lucu r jonghyun...hahaha

Eugene said...

any chance u know the song played when Kim Soo Ro enter the Acting Club in the beginning?

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